Concept house

Overall view

The concept house represents a trend-setting digital retail format. It networks digital devices in the showroom and enables easy content management. In addition, the content can be personalised and customer wishes analysed. The networked devices themselves are operated interactively, so that the product and brand loyalty of the customers is intensified and sales potentials are realized.


The concept house is based on the networking of digital devices, the content depot and the content library. By doing so, easy content maintenance is made possible and data supply as well as update management of the networked devices are ensured. Furthermore, the content gets prepared for analysis.

Store module

The store module contains the networked devices, such as multimedia price signs and experience tables. They attract customers' attention and stimulate enthusiasm for the products and the brand through their interactive display of content. In addition, the networked devices increase customer dialogue and contribute to the high quality of sales talks.


The roof of the concept house takes the customer journey to the next level. This area enables the analysis of customer requests and the personalization of the displayed content. In addition, this individualized content can be provided to customers as Content2Go.

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