Connected Digital Showroom

Connected Digital Showroom

The connected digital showroom – the future of retail and sales. It takes visitors on an interactive journey through the product, dealer and brand experience. Experience dream cars or regional offers in all their facets: from virtual reality to multimedia car displays, experience tables and interactive shop windows, or presentations on large touch walls.

Virtual reality configuration

Virtual reality, VR for short, helps the product be experienced on an emotional level. VR glasses puts buyers behind the wheel of the car of their dreams. The interactive virtual environment displays the car's features and options realistically. This innovative opportunity to explore the product allows enthusiastic buyers to immerse themselves in a whole new world.

  • Buyers are able to configure their dream car virtually down to the smallest detail.
  • Vehicles can be experienced interactively and from all perspectives
  • Realistic product experiences win trust, help in selecting options, and create emotional bonds

Multimedia car display

Innovative, multimedia, networked: the multimedia car display – a new communication channel for conveying product and price information. It provides an attractive, interactive model presentation and replaces price sheets and paper catalogues. Intuitively controllable, the multimedia car display can be used by buyers to pull up model and equipment options on their own or they can be used by sales staff to explain and present them during customer interactions and sales pitches.

  • Multimedia content is visually presented in an eye-catching way
  • Complex topics (e.g. assistance systems) are vividly explained in the media
  • User-friendly operation offers almost every option imaginable as well as model variants

Experience table

Find out more about dealer offers, brands, and products in all their details: the experience table offers a memorable information experience with entertainment value. On this innovative platform, an interactive table can visualise and present displays, processes, and products on a touch screen.

  • Makes the dealer, brand, and product visible in multimedia form
  • Makes information and products a playful experience
  • Option for buyers to search for information actively on their own

Interactive shop windows

Image films, changing applications, or a store locator: on touch-optimised, large-screen monitors or as projections, the interactive shop window attracts the interest of passers-by.

  • Get the attention of passers-by, even outside normal business hours
  • The interactive options reduce the distance between the store and passers-by, inviting and increasing showroom traffic
  • Current topics (e.g. special terms) can be communicated quickly and effectively

Touch walls and digital shops

This innovative approach generates high interest. News and messages are presented on large touchscreens as digital wall newspapers, visualising the world of dealers, brands, and products, allowing viewers to become immersed.

  • The dynamic presentation makes content more eye-catching and attractive.
  • Viewers are interactively integrated via touchscreens
  • This innovative approach generates high interest. News and messages are presented on large touchscreens as digital wall newspapers, visualising the world of dealers, brands, and products, allowing viewers to become immersed.

Digital signage

The presentation of individual dealer, brand and product experiences on various information screens combined with special offers lend the showroom a signature that informs, involves and inspires viewers.

  • Individual content is played out automatically or at the push of a button
  • Current topics and news arouse interest and invite passers-by to linger.
  • The multimedia visualisation of versatile contents provides variety in information retrieval

Software Service Platform (SSP)

The software service platform (SSP) is the heart of the connected digital showroom. The decentralised and mobile controllable unit connects all devices in the showroom of one or more locations. Content management is fed with multimedia content via system interfaces, played out and automatically supplied with updates.

  • Devices connected to the SSP are integrated into the existing infrastructure of the car dealership.
  • Automatic integration, updating, and playback of content on linked devices
  • Easy and fast admin and operation keeps it flexible and up-to-date

Connected digital showroom in action

Concept house

The concept house represents a trend-setting digital retail format. It networks digital devices in the showroom, enables simple content management and intensifies customer loyalty through personalizable content.

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“Volkswagen City” Store

Behind the doors at “Volkswagen City by Petschallies | Hamburg”, visitors can experience a thrilling excursion into the new world of car trade. Interactive, multimedia, and networked: the connected digital showroom realized for Volkswagen.

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Vitra Urban Living

Vitra presented innovative retail concepts at the EuroShop trade fair, including the pioneering Artemis Automotive City Store. The central focus of this connected digital showroom is the in-store experience.

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