“Volkswagen City” Store

Volkswagen City by Petschallies | Hamburg: Not just information. But an experience!

Volkswagen dealer Petschallies took a leap into the future by opening the first City Store-format on the ground floor of the Alstertal shopping centre in Hamburg. Behind the doors of the Volkswagen City by Petschallies | Hamburg, visitors can experience a thrilling excursion into the new world of Volkswagen retail. In the middle of the showroom an exhibition vehicle is surrounded by the latest digital refinements. Visitors can switch from the classic information experience to an exciting product, dealer and brand experience. Thanks to the intuitive operation across all age groups, visitors can select multimedia content on the interactive smart devices. From the immersion in the model range to the configuration and ordering of the personal car of your choice, the Volkswagen City’s entire world of products and brands becomes tangible.

Innovative. Multimedia. Connected.

The City Store experience begins outdoors with the interactive display window. The latest information, product highlights and attractive offers can already be seen from afar in the corridors of the shopping centre. After entering the showroom, the experience table awaits visitors to guide them through Volkswagen's dealer offerings and the world of Volkswagen products and brand. The intuitive touch operation invites you to navigate through the extensive collection of multimedia content or to search for specific media. Its repertoire includes, for example, the entire model range including vehicle highlights, special equipment, service and accessory offers as well as exciting model and technology films, which illustrate the functionality and personal added value of complex components in an easy-to-understand way. Many of these media are also available on the touch monitor of the digital car display system directly next to the exhibition vehicle. On its second passive monitor, the respective CO2 and price data are always displayed up-to-date - so visitors can conveniently keep an eye on all important information.

Dream car 2.0

A central feature of the City Store is the possibility of configuring vehicles in real time and using virtual reality (VR) to display both the interior and exterior from all perspectives and to make them emotionally accessible. Visitors put together their individual combinations from millions of choices and experience the effect of each individual decision immediately via VR glasses. This means that Volkswagen produces vehicles in two ways: first in virtual thoughts and then in modern facilities - so imaginary dream cars are guaranteed to become real dream cars. In addition, the configurations with VR Cardboard and Content2Go can also be re-experienced on your mobile from home at any time.

Cross-device networking

The heart of the City Store is embodied by its smart devices in the exhibition space. To be more precise: through their intelligent networking. It is the key to reducing time-consuming isolated solutions and implementing extensive synergy effects instead. It enables the automated connection to existing technical interfaces, the playout and updating of model information, the transfer of price information from the dealer and the integration of further local content. The networking guarantees a high topicality, fast adaptation and efficient control of the played contents.

The future makers

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